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Design Costs

Low Fees

The cost of having your perfect home landscape professionally designed is a lot less than you'd expect!  With costs starting at $995, this is more than 60% off typical landscape architect fees.  Your fee is based on the size and amenities of your plans.  It's a single fee, no hidden costs and you'll know upfront.  Our fee covers the cost of every 1-on-1 meetings, drawings, on-site and video consultations.  

No Hidden Costs

Just one simple cost.  No Base fee, No measuring fees, No per visit fees, No Mileage Fees.  Simple

It Gets Better...Rebates

If you build your dreams with us, we credit up to 100% of your design fee towards the completion of the project!  Get a great design unique for your family at absolutely Zero cost

Ready?  Get started today

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